Silicon Wire Systems


General Features

There is a great psychological deterrent feature as it provides physical protection with sharp razor blades.

The most economical and effective solution for physical security is the Silver Wire Barrier; It is used effectively at the national borders and military facilities, airports, naval bases, oil and natural gas pipelines, refineries, radiolink stations, highways, warehouses, factories, sites and dwellings as well as city security security guards and will be the basic element of your physical security.

Technical Specifications

Product Standard - AIS430, AIS304

Material Used - Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire

Medicine - Helezonik - Düzlemsel

Wire Diameter - 2.50mm

Razor Thickness - 0.50mm

Distance Between Razors - 10mm

Razor Width - 12mm

Dimensions - 45cm - 9m / 60cm - 17m / 96cm - 9.50m

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