Shaded File


General Features

It is in rolls of 100-500cm wide and 100 meters standard length.

Dark Green, Green and Black are the most preferred colors.

Available in desired colors.

Provides protection against sun rays.

Provides Optimal Level Air Crossing.

Every Field Makes Equal Shading.

It can be used for long years due to 100% original raw material and UV additive.

Technical Specifications

%40 Shadow Clearness

%60 Shadow Clearness

%75 Shadow Clearness

%95 Shadow Clearness

Usage Areas

Vineyard, Garden, Site, Greenhouse, Landscape, Floriculture, Livestock etc. Used in Fields.

Touristic Aimed Beaches, Sports Fields, Pools, Parking lots etc. It is used in the fields as canopy and wind.

It is also used as Protection Files in Construction, Parking and Sports Fields.

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