Dwarf Apple Systems


General Features

Fruit farming, traditionally done in our country, has begun to leave its place in dwarf-semi-dwarf fruit with the changing technology in recent years.

In this regard, productivity has increased and our farmers' knowledge of technological conditions has increased. This system of dwarf-semi-dwarf that is widespread in fruit gardens is more efficient and requires control in a modern and proper way by means of finishing system.

Rootstocks used for dwarf fruit are much closer to the root structure, so more support is needed. By fixing the branches of the trees to the finishing tines, harmful effects from natural conditions are reduced. The wire finishing system is the basis for easier installation of systems such as shading and fogging which will be installed later.

Dwarf and semi-dwarf saplings are quite fast to yield fruit. The regions are quite necessary for carrying the fruit weight and protecting its general shape. In order to get regular and high quality fruits, branches must be open to the sides and this system is easily done with this system. In order to apply the sewing shapes such as superspindel, vmodel, y model and transversalisilon which require frequent planting, it is necessary to do wire finishing.

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