Dekorative Grass Fence


General Features

Standard Meter : 100cm x 10m / 120cm x 10m / 150cm x 10m;

It is specially provided for the required measurements other than standard measurements.

Decorative grass fence appearance is a product that is spreading gradually in our country recently with its strong and durable structure.

Grass fence is made by using special formulated UV protection factor, non-flammable PVC and electrostatic, stainless galvanized two wires are pressed and knitted in special machines. Produced from special PVC material, this product does not flare, fade, spoil and do not spill. Washable and non-paintable Grass fence can be made in desired sizes and sizes.

This product has areas such as parks, gardens, land, land, environmental regulations, sports complexes, villa surroundings, pool surroundings and building facade coatings.

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